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Chrysochroa buqueti

The coleopteran insect, Chrysochroa buqueti, inspired this sculpture. This red-speckled jewel beetle inhabits the territory of Southeast Asia. This sculpture captures and conveys the moment of motion and demonstrates the beauty of the open elytra above the wings. The natural beauty of the wings I achieved approached my unique technique of epoxy-bending. 

Phymateus saxosus_ToryK_art_S.png

Phymateus saxosus

By working on a project, "ARThropods| Inspired by nature," I keep the realism style. So, this project mainly focuses on giving a realistic look and maximum resemblance to the original insect. The most challenging was to crafting and installing wings. To facilitate the wings - they should be as thin as possible. However, the shape of the wing creates significant limitations since the smaller the thickness, the easier the wing deforms under its weight—the problem I solved by mimicking wing venation.


Pyrops whiteheadi

I was inspired to create a sculpture of a semi-rigid insect called Pyrops whiteheadi, which habitat in Southeast Asia.

​This sculpture's uniqueness is that the wing venation pattern is identical to the real one. And most importantly, this venation has both an aesthetic and a functional aspect of design.

Pyrops whiteheadi_color+_S.png
Pyrops whiteheadi_bright_S.png
Pyrops whiteheadi_3_S.png

 Calopteryx virgo

The effect that the eyes of a dragonfly are continually observing you was achieved through mounting the natural gemstones. The facet cut topazes were mounted inside faceted eyes made of epoxy resin.

Dragonfly_1 upd_S.jpg
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