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Forest Patterns

The column reflects the grace of nature. The perfection of the chaotic arrangement of the convex lines is highlighted by using the patina paint. This composition basically contains a pattern of an inner side of a pine tree bark. The side surfaces are decorated with reptile leather imitation inserts. Also, the imitation of unpolished wood-carving textures was achieved on edges. The column is crowned with a tabletop, which seems to be filled with crystal-clear morning dew.


The column was handcrafted of solid natural wood. The foot is made of an impregnated wooden rail tie. That ensures endurance and solidity. The echinus is also made of wood. 
The uniqueness is a nature-inspired design. The goal was in achievement finished look patterns that combine wild nature harmony with using available organic and artistic materials. The main surface area is embellished with an embossed pattern resembling the negative prints left by wood-beetles.

Shelves & Cabinets

Shelve blanks are made of eco-wooden materials. They are assembled on the basis of my drawings. Entire ensemble and particular elements are decorated with bio-inspired textures and patterns. 

"Gold sand" shelf
Wine cabinet
Chest  of  drawers in Biomorphic style
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